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It is a cliché almost assimilated by almost all western media, to bring more or less fanciful news on the People's Democratic Republic of Korea without any feedback. Could be made dozens of examples: from the national football team imprisoned after the end of the Asian Games lost with South Korean brothers, to continue imposing on the men's haircut like Kim Jong Un or the killing Jang Song Thaek by a herd of hungry dogs (most creative journalists added that mastiffs belonged to the same Kim Jong Un who would keep them hungry enough to make them more aggressive). In Pyongyang, capital of North Korea, during the days of the military parade all the world's media are apprehensive about the threats of American President Donald Trump, but life in the capital flows smoothly. During the parade of April 15, dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, shared by the western media as a demonstration of Korean bellicosis only, was actually a popular demonstration, where they paraded workers of all sectors.

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